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WEB 3.0 might be the prelude to a new era and be just as, or even more, disruptive than WEB 2.0 was.

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What impact will WEB 3.0 have on your data and your business?

Imagine, a fully decentralized Web, powered by blockchain & fueled with the intelligence of AI and governed by the community. Or, simply put, an internet that is much smarter, much more reliable, and – not unimportant, much more personalized. 

We'll talk with experts in the field, and visit companies that're actively working on integrating these technologies in their products or services. 

Some new questions arise:

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with moderators:

Steven van Belleghem & Rik Vera


Andrew Winston is a globally-recognized expert on how to build companies that thrive by serving the world. He's the author of the bestsellers The Big Pivot, Green to Gold, and Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take (2021).

The 3 principles of your brand perception

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Snap Inc (Snapchat)

We'll be visiting the Snap Inc LA offices, the company behind Snapchat

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Google Spruce Hangar

We'll be visiting the Google Spruce Hangar

Match Group (Tinder)

We'll be visiting the Match Group offices (company behind Tinder,, OKCupid, and others)


We'll be visiting the Dosist Santa Monica offices


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7$ billion investment in multiple carbon neutral ships (2021).

Use new technologies to make interfaces better and create the ultimate convenience for your customers.

Think about the lifecycle journey of your customers. Where are they losing energy? Try to help them right there.

Customers expect companies to do their part in helping the world. Find opportunities that fit your business, and act.

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Covid information

We're comfortable that we'll be able to depart in October 2021, as the vaccinations are getting up to speed.  

Although if by any chance the current COVID restrictions are still in place, we have a backup week from the 14th of March 'till the 19th of 2022.

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This is what you go home with

  • Understanding of what it is.
  • A balanced view on the pros & cons.
  • First ideas on how you can leverage web 3.0 to gain an advantage.

This is what you go home with:

  • How eco-efficiency measures can help you save costs in energy, transportation, waste management, and many other disruptive initiatives.
  • How you can integrate sustainable innovation into your core to create new business models.
  • How you can move beyond the walls of your own business and can help drive your entire industry.
  • Which mindset, culture and skills you need to foster to help you enter and steer the next economic paradigm.
  • A global network of peers you can use as sparring partners.

Steven & Peter on a Tailormade customer tour in Los Angeles

Steven Van Belleghem's daily recap during an innovation tour

"Courageous companies thrive by giving more than they take"

   - Andrew Winston

  • What will it mean for data monetization if people own their own data?
  • What will it mean for online marketing, will WEB 3.0 and DAO change governments and how do we organize our companies?
  • What happens if we combine web 3.0 + the metaverse?

Join global tech-guru Peter Hinssen & CX-expert Steven van Belleghem to collect both angles on the business opportunities web 3.0 will offer.

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Steven Van

Partner at nexxworks, author, serial entrepreneur, advisor, and speaker. Steven is a world-renowned expert in customer experience and technology.

Partner at nexxworks, author, serial entrepreneur, advisor, and speaker. Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation.


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May 15th-17th 2022 - London