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Mick Ebeling
(CEO Not Impossible)

November 19th

From ideas to storytelling

How can we change the world for our customers through technology and story? How can we do what's never been done, get it done, and tell it to the world?

Erik Hedén

Kaj Török

October 22nd

On sustainability

Consumers expect companies and brands to take away their most primal fears and (help) solve world problems, too.

Nir Eyal

September 24th

Customer vs. Employee Experience

Employees first, customers second? Or is it the other way around? Let's take a deeper look to see what's right ...

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  • Mission CX: learn to stay ahead of the game in Customer Experience Mission - Mission CX
  • OX: learn what it takes to build future-proof organizations - Mission OX
  • Mission NXT: learn to sense and capitalize on the next world-trends - Mission NXT

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  • You can subscribe at any time. Your membership officially starts running on the date of the first live session after we received your payment You already get access to our nexxworks community platform and recordings of previous sessions.

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  • You can find the recordings on the community platform so you can watch them whenever you want.

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  • Of course! We can offer you some appealing group discounts (up to 60% off!) Email us via sofie@nexxworks.com or send us a message via the button below.

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  • Towards the end of your subscription (after a year of inspiration and connection), you'll get an email from us with the opportunity to re-register for another year of inspiration and connection.

Moderated by:
Steven Van Belleghem & Rik vera